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Responding to Life’s Challenges that are Out of Your Control

In this NEW title, CareNotes author, Diane Pharo, SCN, shares her genuine words of comfort and reassurance providing peace to our inner being and reminding us to live gratefully every day.

Climbing Up From Depression

Just by reading this CareNote, you are opening yourself to hope. Let God love you back to health and wholeness through the hands of helping professionals, the miracle of modern medical treatment, the hearts of caring friends, and your own desire to be well.

Letting Faith Help You Handle Stress

How do you spell relief from stress? F-A-I-T-H! Stress is a problem most of us will combat over and over again in our lives. This CareNote suggests that we turn our stress over to God and let our faith carry us through the trying times.

Letting Go of Stress: A Kid’s Guide to Putting Worry in Its Place

Children aren’t immune to stress. This booklet helps children explore attitudes and ideas to try to diminish some of the stress they feel in their lives.