Supporting an Elderly Parent from a Distance

By Louisa Rogers  “I have a secret to tell you,” my then 97-year-old father told me on the phone, in a conspiratorial whisper, “and you mustn’t tell anyone. I’m going to win half a million dollars tomorrow.”   I hoped my sigh wasn’t too obvious. Over the last year, my intelligent, worldly father had become vulnerable to sweepstake […]

Moving Forward When a Loved One Suffers From PTSD

Once a person recovers from the immediate effects of trauma, there may be an invisible impression left behind in their nervous system. That’s the root of PTSD, which is a way in which the trauma comes back in unwelcome, disturbing ways. CareNote author, Geoffrey Tyrell, offers ways to help a loved one move forward when they are suffering from PTSD.

Being Alert to the Signs of Compassion Fatigue

Simply put, as a caring helper, you are the tool of your trade. And how you care for yourself physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually has a direct connection to the quality of the care you are able to offer. Taking care of yourself makes it possible for you to help take care of others. If the well-being of the person you are attending is the goal, ignoring your own self-care should raise some red flags. Here are some guidelines that can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Praying the Bible During Lent

Lent is a special time of year. Its name is related to the word “length,” since Lent is always celebrated when the days lengthen and winter turns to spring. The season has traditionally been seen as a time of renunciation or self-denial, when we “give up things” for Lent. But Lent is best experienced as a time of growth: growing closer to God and our true selves through prayer, meditation, and focused attention to our spiritual lives.

­When You Can’t All Be Together for the Holidays

by Carol Luebering The young woman who usually checks my groceries asked if I had had a nice holiday. “Oh, yes,” I replied. “I had all my kids around the table for a change. How about you?” “It was awful,” she answered. “My brother went to his new in-laws and my only sister and her […]

Getting Through the Holidays When You’ve Lost a Loved One

by Darcie D. Sims The holidays are coming and I’m not sure I’m ready. I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready again. It’s winter and I feel as frozen inside as the landscape is outside. I tried making out my gift list today, but the tears kept getting in the way. It is so hard […]

Finding Support as a Military Family

by Mary T. Scott Emily, a young military spouse and mother, was sadly eyeing the duffle bags and equipment piled in her front hall. The time was drawing closer for her husband, Tom, to leave for the war zone in Afghanistan. This was not the first time Tom, a Marine sergeant, had gone to war. […]

Praying About Something that Can’t Be Changed

When we struggle with things that just can’t be changed, we feel as though we’re in the jaws of a vise. While it may be true that no amount of praying will get us out of the vise, prayer can help to relieve the pressure.

Getting to Know Us!

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