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We don’t have to be experts to help a child cope when someone dies – our love and concern will go far.  Even though this may be a child’s first experience of death and its permanence, as adults we have the “benefit” of having coped with past losses and survived.  This hard-won wisdom and lived experience can help us to give a bereaved child the gift of good grief.

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We sometimes think that death is an “adults-only” topic, and grief happens only to grown-ups.  Yet Children who have lost someone close do grieve – in fact, need to grieve in order to heal. This CareNote for Kids thoughtfully acknowledges the many feelings children may be experiencing at a time of loss. The author encourages kids to cry, ask for help, remember the loved one and know they are not alone.

by Michaelene M. Mundy, illustrated by R.W. Alley

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