When Your Parent Dies

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This booklet is desinged to offer that support, in the form of helpful, gentle guidelines to help you achknowledge and cope with our loss.

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By Daniel Fitzpatrick G. When a parent dies, we suffer many losses- from the profound to the everyday. Yet, despite the depth and breadth of our greif, society offers little support for adult children who are mourning he death of their parent. Adult children are expected to be “mature enough” to handle a parent’s death. No matter your age, however, you never stop being your parent’s child. And “the child within you” grieves their passing deeply. The 38 entries and illustrations in this book will remind you there is much to hold onto at this time of loss. The love you have for them remains and will endure forever. Approx 80 pages; 4″ x 6″, perfect-bound paperback

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